American Humanist Association et al v. Birdville Independent School District, et al

Going back to at least 1997, Birdville Independent School DIstrict's Board of Trustees has invited middle and elementary school students, and sometimes high school students, to give prayers at school board meetings, violating the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. School board members also participate in the prayers, and other students from the district are present at the meetings. Myself and the American Humanist Association have filed a lawsuit challenging school board promotion of prayer at their school board meetings. This legal challenge is ongoing.
5th Circuit Court of Appeals Brief
5th Circuit Appeals Court Decision
Writ of certiorari filed in the United States Supreme Court
Brief of respondents Birdville Independent School District, et al. in opposition
American  Humanist Assocation and Isaiah Smith's reply brief


Isaiah Smith v. Birdville Independent School District

On January 26th, 2016 I hired Mr. Martin Cirkiel, Esq. with the Cirkiel & Associates, P.C. and Mr. Kenneth Carden, Esq. with the Carden Law office to file a lawsuit against Birdville Independent School District under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. This case was a huge victory. Myself and Birdville Independent School District entered into a confidential settlement agreement. This case is closed.

​​ Confidential Settlement Agreement Reached. Case Closed. Victory! 

Management and Training Corporation v. Ken Paxton, as Attorney General of the State of Texas

Management and Training Corporation is a Utah based corporation that conducts business in the State of Texas. Management and Training Corporation is a for profit prison corporation in which is contracted by and through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as to performing governmental functions. As for a procedural history, as far as Management and Training Corporation is concerned, it should be noted that the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Mississippi Department of Corrections due to an operated facility of Management and Training Corporation facility being understaffed and prisoners setting fired to attract the attention for officers to respond to emergencies and their being violence, rapes, stabbings and gang violence. In Texas, Willacy County has blamed Management and Training Corporation as for their management issues that lead to a riot occurring. In Arizona after a riot occurred at a prison facility that was under the operation of Management and Training Corporation, the Arizona Department of Corrections cited that the corporation offers minimal training in the area of communication skills and crisis intervention for its guards, and that their prison facility has a "culture of casual indifference toward staff and training" that contributed to the riots.
On April 4th, 2017 I sent Management and Training Corporation through their counsel an open records request through the Texas Public Information Act. Management and Training Corporation sent me some information but not all information in which should have been released as to me. When looking at Management and Training Corporation's brief that was sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Management and Training Corporation used vague arguments against the disclosure as to information in which I have requested. I sent the Texas Attorney General’s Office my rebuttals in response as to MTC’s vague arguments and the Texas Attorney General’s Office sided with me. Therefore, Management and Training Corporation filed suit against the Attorney General of the State of Texas for siding with me as to my open records request in a Travis County, Texas State District Court. 

Texas Attorney General's Office Ruling

Other Legal Challenges  

1. Successfully challenged Hemphill County Sheriff's Office posting biblical verses on government patrol vehicles. With the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Sheriff agreed to cease and desist that activity.

2. Successfully challenged the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office posting a religious social media posts. With the help of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Sheriff's Office took down the religious post.

3. Successfully challened Birdville Independent School District and Lake Dallas Indepednent School Districts unconstitutional announcements of church activities during their football games with the help of the Appignani Humanist Legal Center of the American Humanist Assocation. Both public school districts agreed to stop their unconstitutional activities.

4. Successfully challenged Birdville Independent School District allowing school administrators to participate in Baccalaureate ceremonies, haviging their retreats in church and them having cross displays in classroom. The public school district drafted a series of guidelines on handling First Amendment Speech and Religion issues that will be partof the annual faculty training by and through the help of the Appignani Humanist Legal Center of the American Humanist Assocation.

5. Successfully forced the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department to take down their signs at one of their downtown police departments that prohibited individuals from being able to open carry and to conceal carry guns in their public buildings. 

6. Successfully forced Management and Training Corporation, a multi-million dollar private prision corporation with an awful procedural history, to hand over their records that they did not want to be released  to me.